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Baron Manfred von Richthofen,Germany’s renowned First World War flying ace, was known as 'The

Red Knight' or more commonly after the war as 'The Red Baron' due to the colour of his Albatros aeroplane. He was attributed with eighty 'kills' before losing his life in action in 1918.

Written by a remarkable war correspondent, Floyd Gibbons, shortly after the cessation of

hostilities, 'The Red Knigh'  is a fascinating insight into the life of this most ruthless and talented

war pilot. Gibbons had access to extensive first-hand sources including personal letters from von

Richthofen to his mother. He also interviewed airmen who had survived aerial combat with the uncompromising von Richthofen, who wrote before his death, 'I have not found a happier hunting ground than the Battle of The Somme'.

Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC, who has written the foreword for this biography who wrote of von Richthofen

'He is widely hailed as the ‘greatest fighter pilot who has ever lived’.

'The Red Knight of Germany' is illustrated with 30 original photographs of his life and is printed on creme paper in a cloth-bound hardback edition with dust wrapper.

The Red Knight of Germany

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