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In 1845, the Sir John Franklin Expedition set out in their ships to find the fabled Northwest Passage - a direct trade route to the Far East that could bring untold wealth and power to the British Empire.

But, tragedy grips when the sailors find that the tinned supplies in their holds are filled with nothing but rotting filth and gore.

Trapped in sea ice, and with the body count rising, their troubled leader must take his starving, frozen men off the ice and begin a 500-mile death march across the brutal High Arctic.

This is the true, epic story of brotherhood, heroism, and the abandonment of 129 men who were left to do whatever they could to survive…


This handsome hardback is clothbound and its 408 pages are  printed on creme 50lb paper. The dust jacket featues a specially commissioned design by award-winning creative Paul Belford.


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