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'The Assault on Mount Everest,1992' tells the story of  the 1922 British Mount Everest expedition; the first mountaineering expedition with the express aim of making a successful ascent of Mount Everest. The expedition was planned and financed by the Mount Everest Committee which appointed the ebullient Brigadier General C.G. Bruce to be its leader; who subsequently wrote this compelling account of the expedition.

The book also provides us with riveting first-hand accounts of the three attempts on the mountain written by George Leigh-Mallory and Captain George Finch. Marked by tragedy when 7 Nepalese porters were swept to their death in an avalanche, it was also the first expedition that attempted to climb Everest using bottled oxygen, starting a controversy that endures to this day.


This new Daredevil Books edition of 'The Assault on Mount Everest,1922' is published to celebrate the centenary of the first attempt to conquer Everest.

With over 40 photographs and illustrations, it features a specially commissioned foreword by Britain's greatest living mountaineer, Sir Chris Bonington, who knows at first hand the challenges and tragedy of this most unforgiving mountain.

The Assault on Mount Everest 1922 - Hardback edition

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