Daredevil Originals are some of our favourite books of derring-do from when they were first published.

Carefully sourced from collections around the world many of these books are very scarce, especially if they are early imprints or first editions.

The words and images on the pages are as they were when the book was first published. However, our editions are now beautifully presented with new covers, end papers and bindings so you can own a handsome original edition that will last and be a pleasure to own for many years to come.

Available in buckram or original 1930's cloth that our binder keeps especially for us in his warehouse.

Our stock changes regularly as the books are snapped up quickly so do get in contact if you would like us to source a book for you. 

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The Great White South

Herbert G Ponting

1936 Edition


A personal narrative of Scott's last expedition (1910-1913) by the expedition's photographer & cinematographer, Hubert Pontiong,the first professional photographer to accompany an Antarctic expedition. 


Ponting's photographs constitute some of the most memorable images of this heroic age of Antarctic exploration. In this book, he illustrates the account of Scott's Terra Nova Expedition to the Ross Sea and South Pole (1910–1913).

A professional photographer by trade, Ponting was asked by Scott to produce the visual record of his second Antarctic expedition. Ponting's hundreds of photographic images and his groundbreaking motion picture film set the standard for subsequent polar expedition photography. His narrative text in this book is also engaging and informative. 


Dick Seaman, Racing Motorist

HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand

1942 First Edition


The son of William John Beattie-Seaman, Richard ‘Dick’ Seaman developed an early love for motoring and after studying at Rugby School and Trinity College, Cambridge he resolved to become a racing driver and successfully reaches MGs and then ERAs such was his success in Europe that Mercedes team chief Alfred Neubauer invited him for a trial at the Nurburgring and in 1937 he signed for Mercedes- Benz against the wishes of his mother, who did not want him to drive for a “Nazi” team. Having a solid start to his career with Mercedes in 1937, he excelled in the 1938 season winning the 1938 German Grand Prix and becoming one of the favourite drivers of Adolf Hitler.

Leading the 1939 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps during a wet race, Seaman crashed his car into a tree during lap 22. It is thought he was using a line through a corner that was only normally used in the dry.


After the impact, the car caught fire, with the unconscious driver still inside. Seaman died a few hours later as a result of his burns, at just 26 years of age; it was Mercedes' only fatality during that time. On his death bed he remarked to the Mercedes chief engineer, "I was going too fast for the conditions – it was entirely my own fault. I am sorry."


Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Book of Famous Motorists

Written by Ronald S Lyons, edited and with a foreword by Sir Malcolm Campbell.

1927 Edition


Malcolm Campbell was a renowned Grand Prix driver and land speed record holder with his famous car Blue Bird.

To quote from the fly leaf of the book:

‘This racily written work covers the more sensational side of motoring history since the first appearance of cars on the roads until the present time”.


All the most celebrated figures in the motoring world of the time appear in its pages; races, hill-climbs, hairbreadth escapes and tragedies are all described vividly and dramatically. It includes a number of black and white photographs over its 176 pages.


Atalanta. Women as Racing Drivers. 

S.C.H Davis

1955 Edition

S. C. H. "Sammy" Davis was the sports editor for Autocar magazine and an experienced motor racing driver. He drove numerous cars and was also one of the famous "Bentley Boys”. Partnered with J. D. Benjafield he won the 1927 Le Mans in a works 3 litre Bentley, securing the company's first win in four years.

Each chapter of Atalanta profiles a very successful Lady Race Driver (9 of them in all) from the earliest days through to the fifties, plus there is a final chapter that gives brief profiles of many others. The focus is very much on British women drivers of the Brooklands era (Kay Petre, Elsie Wisdom etc) 191 pages long it features lots of period photos of talented and courageous ’Brookland Belles’

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