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introducing bulldog drummond

Bulldog Drummond was the English hero of a classic series of mystery novels written by Sapper from 1920 until his death in 1937. The stories were completed by his friend Gerard Fairlie between 1938 and 1954.

Drummond was a former British Army officer looking for adventure and excitement after the rigours of The First World War and facing the boredom of life away from military action.

His first appearance was in The Strand Magazine before the first full length novel Bull-dog Drummond: The Adventures of a Demobilized Officed Who Found Peace Dull (the hyphenation was soon to disappear). 

He was very much the prototype of what the author called "the Breed": patriotic, strong, sporty, public school-educated and in practice a tough 'two-fisted man of action'.


Many of the original Bulldog Drummond books are hard to find but we have a selection that we are pleased to offer for sale and will add new copies as we find them. Their condition reflects their age but with their distinctive artwork and no nonsense plot lines they are well worth collecting.

Interestingly there were twenty-four Bulldog Drummond films made, which proved very popular in a way that Ian Fleming's James Bond character successfully transferred to the big screen.

We will shortly have the first of our  Bulldog Drummond collection shown below available for purchase as shown below. Please email if you would like to pre order one of these editions from us.

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